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Salvatore Labaro, Ph.D.

Director of Education & Transhumanistic Identities

PhD, Social Demographer of Immigration 

Masters of Education, Bilingual Education 

  • Identity Systems Instructor 

  • Gay Pride Coach 

  • Feminist Theory Instructor 

  • Critical Demographer, Race and Self-Identity Theorist 

  • Immigrant Resources Coach 

  • 15 year practitioner of Yoga Meditation 

  • VR Athlete & Youth Coach 

The complimentary pathways of care and compassion offered at C3 are designed to evoke deep and often entirely new kinds of guided self reflection. Salvatore demonstrates a strong commitment to the study of language and culture and he has developed higher order cognitive functions capable of synthesizing ranges of identities of varying intensities of feelings, emotions and insights. 

Salvatore is an integrationist at heart with an uncanny ability to help reorient the 'self' towards a social existence that reflects one's value structure, situatedness, personal identity and sense of purpose in life. He recognizes the importance of structure and supports in facilitating behavioral changes and is adept at broadening awareness of how clients can expect their social relationships to change as they continue along their journey. 

Salvatore's passion is in teaching and provoking thought experiments - he is interested in identifying texts or techniques that can expose clients to time-tested life philosophies written from past and present ethnographers, social theorists, sages and saints. 

"I wish you love and success on your path." Salvatore Labaro