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Joseph Satin Levin

Director of Community Engagement for C3 & Psychedelic Guide @ Killarney-Assisted Psychotherapy

Joseph joins our team at C3 as a psychedelic apprentice and student, working towards developing competencies in the field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.  He attended McGill university and completed a Master of the Arts in history. Committing to his love of learning, he taught philosophy to senior high school students for 12 years.

Joseph exudes the qualities of a staunch ethicist, with a deep appreciation for our basic sense of humanity and self-compassion. As a compassionate and critical thinker, he is dedicated to exploring philosophies and theories of mind, with the aim of contributing to discourse that can advance our appreciation for, and of, the impact of suffering, need for connection, and desire for community.

He has spent time volunteering with multiple organizations including, Dying With Dignity, the Canadian Psychedelic Association, Hospice Toronto, and is currently on the executive team at Mapping the Mind.  These experiences have broadened his understanding for how these novel psychedelic treatments will impact individuals most in need.

As the Director of Killarney-Assisted Psychotherapy, Joseph continues lending his expertise in community development, through the development of Group Assisted Psychotherapy @ C3, coming in 2022.