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Dr. Dinesh Bhayana, MD

Chief Medical Officer & Lead Ketamine Physician

Dr. Dinesh Bhayana is a key member of our circle of care at C3. As Chief Medical Officer, he brings extensive medical expertise and experience as a practicing emergency and addiction medicine physician. He attended medical school at the University of Western Ontario followed by residency at the University of Toronto. He has worked in both hospital and community settings and is currently practicing in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Dinesh embodies the values of C3 as a kind, caring, compassionate, and competent ketamine physician who is committed to improving access to evidence-based clinical interventions for those who are impacted by substance use disorders and also ensuring adequate community support for his patients. 

More recently, Dr. Bhayana has extended his competencies by completing Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Training with the Polaris Insight Center and is further developing and broadening his scope of understanding in the field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy at C3. Dinesh is a MAPS Canada board member committed to the ethics and best practice of psychedelic medicine and therapy. 

Dr. Bhayana generously supports a convergent model of care at C3 and will be welcoming and performing medical consultations with clients seeking Integrative Ketamine Enhanced Psychotherapy.