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Dr. Diana R. Ahmed, MD

Clinical Consultant & Psychedelic Apprentice

Dr. Ahmed engages in collaborative consultations and knowledge translation in support of a convergent model of care at C3. She has recently become inspired by the field of psychedelic medicine; specifically applied within the context of evidence-based psychological treatments for trauma and developmental conditions. Diana is actively exercising her competencies, exploring her curiosities and showcasing her creativity as a Psychedelic Apprentice of Integrative Ketamine Enhanced Psychotherapy. 

Dr. Ahmed graduated from McMaster Family Medicine in 2000 and has worked at several Community Health Centres, as well as various fly-in communities in Northern Ontario. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor with the McMaster Department of Family Medicine and has a clinical interest in studying health inequities and the effects of trauma and poverty on health. 

Diana demonstrates her dedication to the health and well-being of those in need of compassionate care working as a Hospitalist in Brantford and Hamilton as well as at the Shelter Health Network, an organization that provides primary health care to people experiencing homelessness.