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Cannabis assisted psychotherapy (CAP)

CAP at C3 is designed to assist those who are new or experienced cannabis users in developing a therapeutic relationship with this plant medicine. The goals of CAP are to support each person in being able to evaluate their current cannabis use in light of their motivations and intentions for use (e.g., symptom management, supporting functioning).

Depending on the focus and goals of therapy, we are able to leverage the effects of cannabis within session to facilitate the therapeutic process. There are different dosing strategies and administration approaches that client’s are able to explore at C3 alongside their experienced guide and lead therapist.

At C3 we  emphasize psychoeducation as well as active monitoring strategies in and between sessions to support “therapeutic cannabis use” and cannabis-assisted self-explorations.

Your therapist serves as an experienced guide and resource in making changes to and possibly enhancing your current cannabis use to ensure optimal benefits within a therapeutic context.


Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy​