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Our Approach



Client-centered, person-focused, trauma- and culturally informed. We use an integrative approach in blending effective psychotherapies with humanistic evidence based​ care, for individuals suffering the effects of complex mental health conditions.


We deeply value collaboration and partnerships in program development, evaluation, and clinical treatment research in an effort to establish best practices and excellence in care in the field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.


We collaborate with clients to develop a personalized treatment plan and by doing so provide individuals with proper structure and supports; what we know is essential so we can  greet what arrives and escort what goes. 

Safety and security are paramount in any therapeutic relationship. Out dedication is in adhering to best clinical practices and ethics in the provision of psychotherapy. 

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Presence, Participation and Practice - with support clients will meet their commitments to a therapeutic relationship through personalized treatment planning. Understanding that progress, growth and a return to functioning take time and will happen at the speed of trust, we stay with our clients; recognizing the issues we are best suited to treat often require lifelong engagement in healthy behaviors - we will assist in this practice to develop skills and consolidation of learning; in and through.