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Centre for Compassionate Care

Where Nature Nurtures

The Centre for Compassionate Care (C3) is a community-based, specialty mental health and addictions clinic located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


Our approach is person-focused and client-centred with emphasis on providing trauma- and culturally-informed evidence-based care. 

We specialize in the assessment and treatment of complex mental health conditions. This includes the delivery of specialty psychological services, including Integrative Ketamine-Enhanced Psychotherapy (IKEP) as well as other Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapies to those who are determined to be appropriate for these treatment approaches.


Our space offers clients a safe and secure environment where they can explore a well-supported therapeutic set and setting that can serve as a much needed structure for exploration, healing and personal growth.

About Us

WSIB Community Mental Health Program

We support Ontarians who have experienced psychological work-related injuries and are in need of mental health services.

Please complete the following 'Workers Guide' form and include the following information:

Psychologist Name & Facility Name: Dr. Joseph De Leo, Centre for Compassionate Care (C3)

Address: 430 York Boulevard, Hamilton, Ontario, L8R 3K8

Phone Number: (289) 925-7792


We are here for you! 

430 York Boulevard
Hamilton, Ontario
L8R 3K8
Phone: 289-925-7792

Thank you for reaching out!

Hello, Fellow Travelers

Find us at 430 York Boulevard
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